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Tradition Meets Technology:  The Silver & Colors Fashion Evolution
The Silver & Colors Collection lifts anodized aluminum into a whole new realm of upscale designer jewelry.

Silver & Colors’ parent company Dabbah is an exclusive design firm of religious functional and ornamental objects d'art based in Jerusalem, Israel. Dabbah is acclaimed worldwide for creating luxurious ritual art and Jewelry expressing a flowing blend of the traditional and modern.

Silver & Colors, Dabbah’s collection of fine jewelry, was initiated because of the artistic desire to explore the aesthetic uses of anodized aluminum and its appropriate processing tools further. The Silver & Colors Collection is a testimonial to the fact that the wealth of colors and tactile, visually appealing textures that anodized aluminum affords to the fine jeweler can no longer be ignored. The Silver & Colors Collection lifts anodized aluminum into a whole new realm. We introduce this  luxury designer jewelry by using factory-grade anodized aluminum beads in sumptuous colors and geometrically perfect shapes. These beads are professionally finished for a smooth and tactile effect. The Silver & Colours Collection was created to charm and delight women of all ages. We have already received admirable exposure, winning clientele in the jewelry markets of New York, Israel, New Zealand, England and Australia.

Our collection includes bracelets, earrings and necklaces.